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Business Services

Payroll Transfer Service


You can leave all your administrative duties to us. Our Payroll Transfer Program was designed just for you! Full time staff require a great deal of administrative work, including payroll, benefits management, tax withholding and more. You can now leave all the work to us.


Business Surveys

Let us help find the answers you are looking for!

  • Employee Surveys
  • Customer Surveys
  • Marketing Surveys
  • Secret Shopper Surveys


Business Seminars / Training

Let us help you train your employees. Our seminars are presented by individuals with at least 10 years of experience in preparing and presenting on numerous topics.


Some topics we have presented on include:

  • New Hire Orientation / Training
  • Sales Skills
  • Sexual Harassment—HR Training
  • Customer Service
  • Telephone Skills
  • Motivating Yourself for Success
  • Office Management
  • Employee Retention
  • Hiring / Interviewing
  • Way's to Cure your Hiring Headache


PC Repair & Technical Support

If you don't have extensive computer knowledge, PC repair, networking, troubleshooting, software, hardware experience, etc. this may be the perfect service for you.


We can supply business's of all kinds with computer tech's as needed. Many companies do not have the need to hire a FT Tech Support person, yet at times, really need their expertise. This is why we have designed this service.


If you have a computer issue of any kind, you call CCC and we will line a tech support individual up to come take a look at your problem. We have a variety of skilled individuals that are available at a phone calls notice.


All our tech's are educated and experienced in the field and will be able to take care of your problem, no matter how big or small.


Call us anytime: Mon-Fri 8:00AM-5:00PM and request your tech support personnel as needed!


This way you are only paying their wage WHEN there is a need for their services.

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